Tell Scott Walker To Stand Strong and

Keep His Promises!

Say NO to More Gambling in Wisconsin.

We don’t need ANOTHER casino.

When Scott Walker ran for Governor, he promised he would honor a referendum that prohibited an expansion of gambling in Wisconsin!

Now Governor Walker’s resolve is being tested. Out of state interests are trying desperately to add 3100 new slot machines and 75 new gambling tables in Kenosha!

Help Governor Walker keep his promise.

Get involved now!


The Facts:

Keep Your Promises, is a grassroots effort by Wisconsin Family Council to urge Governor Walker to keep his promise and stand by the three criteria he established for approval of any new casino in Wisconsin:
  • 1 It must have community support
  • 2 There must be consensus among Wisconsin’s 11 Indian Tribes
  • 3 There can be no net expansion of gambling

Clearly, two of the Governor's three criteria have not been met.

The Menominee Tribe is partnering with an out of state tribe to build a massive new casino in Kenosha that would add 3,100 slot machines and 75 gaming tables to Wisconsin's already saturated gaming market. The Potawatomi and Ho-Chunk Tribes oppose the new casino.

What's more, the Menominee Tribe has signed an agreement with two unions that would deny workers the right to cast a secret ballot when voting whether or not to unionize.

Help Governor Walker keep his promise.
Wisconsin Doesn't Need ANOTHER Casino:
  • Approximately 333,000 Wisconsin residents have a gambling problem.
  • Calls to the WI Council on Problem Gambling’s 24-hour Helpline have increased 294% since 1996.
  • The average debt of callers contacting the Helpline is $39,849.
  • Seniors and adolescents are at high risk to become addicted to gambling.
  • 65% of compulsive gamblers commit crimes to finance their gambling.

Get involved now.


Wisconsin Doesn’t Need ANOTHER CASINO.

Here are 10 easy ways you can get involved:
  • 1 Sign the online petition today!
  • 2 Call the Governor’s office at (608) 266-1212 and voice your concerns.
  • 3 Print off 10 petitions and give to trusted family and friends who will sign and return petition to WFC.
  • 4

    Call 10 friends and ask them to call the Governor's office at (608) 266-1212 to voice their opposition to the proposed Kenosha Casino Expansion.

  • 5 Email 10 friends this link to the online petition.
  • 6 Encourage your 10 friends to contact 10 friends.
  • 7 Be a liaison to your church – contact Dave Lingle or call Dave at 608.268.5074 for more information.
  • 8 Distribute petitions at local community or church events.
  • 9 Write a letter to your editor about the negative impact of gambling on family and communities.
  • 10 Visit our website and sign up for our econnections to stay informed about issues impacting WI families.


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